Videos below are free for use in worship, with purchase of the matching license bundle.

"Startled by a Holy Humming" sets the Annunciation, as Mary moves from perplexed, through questioning, to trust.

"Born in a Barn" sets the Nativity and Feast of Holy Innocents, as Herod's troops march past and Mary prays for peace. 

"What King Would Wade through Murky Streams" sets the Baptism of Our Lord, as Jesus enters the Jordan, we enter baptism, and grace washes us clean.

"Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory" sets the Transfiguration, as Peter, James, and John see Jesus shine on the mountaintop and he looks past them to the valley, cross, and new life.

Texts for these four hymns are by Thomas H. Troeger. Tunes are by John Tirro. Copyright information is in the license bundles.

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